*NEW* Threading – Masi Rate
Full Face$35
Permanent Makeup – LarissaRate
Consultation FREE
Powder Brows$300
Powder Brows – Touch Up$150
Hair Stroke Brows$300
Hair Stroke Brows – Touch Up$150
Combination Brows$300
Combination Brows – Touch Up$150
Permanent Eyebrow Cover Up$350+
Permanent Lipstick$350
Permanent Lipstick – Touch Up$120
Lip Blushing$300
Lip Blushing – Touch Up$100
Lash Enhancement$180
Lash Enhancement – Touch Up$100
Permanent Eyeliner$250
Permanent Eyeliner – Touch Up$100
Permanent Shadow Eyeliner
Reg. $350
Permanent Shadow Eyeliner – Touch Up$100
Permanent Bottom Eyeliner$150
Permanent Bottom Eyeliner – Touch Up$100
Tax included
30 minute LED Light Therapy & Ultrasound Facial – Cheryl$85
60 minute Microcurrent Facial Sculpting – Cheryl$130
60 minute Microdermabrasion  Facial – Cheryl$90
IPL Photofacial Spot Treatment- Melissa, Cheryl, Lisa & Joanna$50+
Full Face IPL Photofacial – Melissa, Cheryl, Lisa & Joanna$200
30 Minute Classic Clean Facial – Melissa & Cheryl$58.67
60 minute Classic facial – Melissa & Cheryl$89.29
90 minute Enhanced Classic facial – Melissa & Cheryl$134.10
60 minute Back Facial – Melissa & Cheryl$111.61
GST not included.
Please read online booking descriptions prior to booking.
Rates may be subject to change.
Laser Hair RemovalRate/Session with Membership
Full Face$50
Upper Legs
Lower Legs
Under Arms
Full Arms
Chest & Abdomen
GST not included.
Laser hair removal cannot be booked online.
Prices are per session.
Sessions are 4-8 weeks apart for 6-10 sessions.
Consult required.
Sugaring & WaxingWax $Sugar $
Under arms$17$17
Half arms$25$25
Full arms$30$30
Bikini +
Brazilian maintenance (sugaring)$50$45
Upper lip$12$12
Lip & chin combo$23$23
Lip, chin & brow combo$37.50$35
Face without brows$34$29
Face with brows$40$38
Half legs
Full legs
Upper thigh$20$20
Lower Back (women)$20
Lower body package (full legs, brazilian, bum)$130$120
Upper Body package (full arms, under arms, full face)$100$90
Abs (men)$30$25
Half Manzilian (sugaring only)
Manzilian (sugaring only)

Chest & Abs (men)$70$65
Full back (men)$45$40

Sugaring is with Lisa and waxing is with Melissa.
Rates may be subject to change.
Plus GST
Therapeutic MassageRate
30 minutes$50
45 minutes$75
60 minutes$90
90 minutes$135
120 minutes (Lindsay only)$180
Tax included.
Eligible for insurance coverage.
Relaxation MassageRate
30 minutes – Holly$30
60 minutes – Holly$50
30 minutes – Melissa$40
60 minutes – Melissa$70
NOT eligible for insurance coverage.
Rates may be subject to change.
Hot Stone MassageRate
30 minutes – Melissa$55
30 minutes – Tiffanie & Lindsay$65
60 minutes – Melissa$105
60 minutes – Tiffanie & Lindsay$115
90 minutes – Tiffanie & Lindsay$170
Not eligible for insurance coverage.
Rates may be subject to change.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment – TiffanieRate
30 minute MLD$60
60 minute MLD$95
120 minute MLD$180
Tax included.
Eligible for insurance coverage.
Fees & MembershipsRate
Late cancelation/reschedule fee (less than 24 hours notice) 10% of service
1st no-show30% of service
2nd + 3rd no-show100% of service
One year admin fee for billing$25
One year Laser Hair Removal Membership$200+tax
Fee rates may be subject to change.